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Enrol with us to acquire in-demand market skills and gain industrial exposure! Get a chance to interact and work with domain experts and acquire new skills to start your career!
Inplant Training
We offer different types of inplant trainings to help students gain hands-on experience in various IT streams.
We also offer internships (both paid and unpaid) to students.Through our internship programs, students can gain in-demand skills.
Inplant Training

An Inplant Training Will:

  • Enable you to not just learn new skills but also provide an opportunity to work with actual professionals with domain expertise.
  • Help you gain hands-on experience which is the first step that you need to take to start your career in the IT/ITES industry.
  • Help you acquire knowledge and skills to resolve problems/challenges faced in a real-time work environment.
  • Help you prepare yourself to be ready and break barriers to achieve your career goals.
  • Make you industry-ready.
At Jeevi Academy, we offer a diverse set of Inplant trainings that help students acquire skills that are in demand in the job market.

We offer free and focused Inplant Trainings in Chennai for students across departments. We also offer workshops and internships in Chennai.

Here are a few highlights of the Inplant Trainings, Internships and Workshops that we offer:
  • Quality trainings conducted by experienced trainers with domain expertise from MNCs such as TCS, HCL and Infosys.
  • Special Discount for students. After all, Quality education does not have to be expensive!
  • Training that helps students gain practical experience.
  • Weekend and Weekday batches to accommodate the schedule of our students.
  • Individual care and Individual Focus—our team of experts will always be present to give you valuable guidance and support to kick start your career.

Inplant training in Chennai for cse

Inplant training in Chennai for IT

Inplant training in Chennai for ECE

Inplant training in Chennai for EEE

Inplant training in Chennai for E&I

Inplant training in Chennai for ICE

Inplant training in Chennai for Civil

Inplant training in Chennai for Mech



You need an internship to gain practical experience and become “job market-ready.”

An Internship can help you:

  • Understand where and how to gather practical knowledge and skills.
  • Gain working experience in a professional atmosphere.
  • Learn office working culture, attitude and behavior before even entering the job market.
  • Help you increase your confidence and skills.
  • Obtain professional feedback on the areas you need to improve/upskill to perform well. 

Why pursue an Internship at Jeevi Academy?

Here are a few reasons why Jeevi Academy would be your best place to pursue an internship.
Our team comprises experienced trainers who have many decades of experience in the IT industry and can:
  • Not just teach, but inculcate skills that are currently in demand.
  • Offer friendly and effective coaching to help you learn BEST. 
Our program is structured in a way to:
  • Be in line with the skills that are hot in demand in the market.
  • Help you understand complex job-related concepts effectively.
  • Make you “market-ready” and help you gain an advantage over your peers in the job market. 


We provide different type of workshops for engineering students, management aspirants, IT professionals, students and other professionals, based on their needs. Our workshops are job-oriented and enable you to gain practical knowledge or skills that will help you to kick start or advance your career. They also contain practical examples to help you learn complex concepts effectively.

Faculty Development


In an ever-changing world, there is a constant need to update your skills. Therefore, it is critical for you as a lecturer/professor to keep up skilling yourself so that you can stay relevant and guide your students effectively to a better future. Our Faculty Development Program is designed by actual experts with decades of experience in the industry. What’s more, they are designed keeping YOU, the learner, in mind.  You can contact our experts to create a tailor-made workshop that focuses on a subject/skill of your choice (provided there are minimum 5 participants).Enroll in our program and up skill yourself to advance your future!

Why pursue a Faculty Development Program (FDP)?

Today, the market is dynamic and is constantly being disrupted by many new technologies and trends. It is extremely difficult for students or professionals to keep pace with the market; this is even true for lecturers and professors in colleges who are responsible for teaching students and preparing them for the job market.

As a teacher or lecturer, keeping yourself updated on the latest and in-demand techologies and skills helps you teach and guide your students better. Up skilling yourself may prove to be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. If you are not sure where to start, don’t worry, our Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) are designed with faculty like YOU in mind. Our FDPs are very similar to the Corporate trainings designed by organizations to upskill their employees. Our FDPs contain content on in-demand skills and are customized according to YOUR requirements. So you decide WHAT you want to LEARN and HOW you want to LEARN.  Enroll in our FDP to get a boost to your career by becoming an in-demand faculty.

On-Campus Summer/Winter Training Programs

At Jeevi Academy, we offer On-Campus training programs that range from 1-4 weeks for students across colleges and universities. Our training programs are designed  and conducted by seasoned veterans in the IT industry. If you are a college/an university that is committed to provide high-end education and help your students gain in-demand IT skills, contact us to enroll your students into our program.

Why Jeevi Academy?

While there are many training programs available in the market, we offer a promise—Post training support from faculties that will give you extensive access to our seasoned IT faculties to obtain coaching and guidance even months after the completion of the training program. We don’t just teach, we GUIDE our students to a better future!